Monday, January 28, 2019

Shameless Confession is a glimpse of 'him' and all before noon... on a Monday!!!
Mind you there were some messier, not photo-ed shots as well, like
'let's shake my sippy cup til its empty while Grandma's on the phone trying to solve some of the world's problems, then let's splash! 
and, let's see how many marbles fit in my mouth
(also while Grandma was on the phone, round two, dealing with round one 'reason'😐)
(yes, grandma should know better than giving a toddler marbles but we had great fun with them til I turned my back and he climbed up to where Grandma had set the jar, she thought, safely,
so a think-twice lesson for her/me!)

Still, I'm shamelessly in love with a 'guy' that does not let me down easy,
does not save me from my choices 
but grants lots of second-dances and new-day romances, 
mostly with messes without roses

so, you might be thinking this poem is going to be about my grandson, but it's not really...
he, along with everyone/everything else I love is part of this poem!

Oh, you win me over somewhat like a lover
Woos his beloved, the belle of his dreams
For I am a maiden easily betaken
With the love-language of meadows and streams

Oh, write me a river that winds ‘neath the shiver
Of poplar-quiver, silver in the sun
Play me an evening of long shadows leaning
Against the hill where the wild geldings run

Strum me a serenade better than Mozart played
Simple seduction of wind-tousled trees
Darling, I am betrothed to your melody clothed
In common threads of almost-memories

Oh, you win be over with pom-poms of clover
Tassels of goldenrod, star-veneered snow
Let’s take the long way home through the lines of a poem
Let’s linger longer and not hurry so

Oh, there is no Mundane Monday with you, honey
Money can't purchase what you and I have
You will be faithful and I will be grateful
You will be truthful and I will (try to) be brave

Amiable Romeo, my, but I love you, oh
Your touch tells me more than ‘much words’ can say
Father Time, what a fool I’d be to play it cool
I’ll fall in love with you every day

© Janet Martin

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