Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Always Something (to remind us)

...the 'flooded basement' saga continues (see previous posts)
Trying to find the root of the problem. Day one did not. 
It only made a mess of our poor neighbour's field!
I feel so bad. 
Tonight when I thanked Washing-machine Fixer for coming long after most people's days are in,
 I admitted that the knot in my stomach will be there til the other problem gets solved... 
Not quite as neat, tidy or inexpensive as changing a leaky hose!

Always something to remind us life is full of dreams upset
Full of roads sometimes unwanted, that we have not journeyed yet
Full of new ways to surprise us like a roller-coaster ride
Highs and lows, good-byes and hellos thwarting travel-plans mid-stride

Always something to remind us life runs rife with simple joys
Sunrise spills its morning glory over all that it employs
Where the flipside of sheer wonder is time’s hunger, hurt and grind
And the trouble that will find us to remind us to be kind

Always something to remind us of new ways to trust God more
Where, after what lies behind us makes us gladder than before
Then thought turns an eye more tender to a fellow-trav’lers needs
When the heart learns to surrender to the One who intercedes

Always something to remind us there is Beauty all around 
 Disappointment’s let-down sets the stage for triumph’s battle-ground
Teaching us to count our blessings that perhaps we had ignored
And remember it’s the long-run that we ought to strive toward

© Janet Martin

for some strange reason this song keeps going around in my head today...
could it have something to do with water, maybe?😏

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