Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rhythm and Time

She feels the keys of ABC’s to find the notes that fit the mood
Sometimes the song lilts, light as air; Sometimes it broods, slow and subdued
Dissonant resonance reverberates and jars, its art
Vexes the Maestro that is often torn between the head and heart
Darling, the days are dimming faster than they did when we were young
And oh, it seems our chores and dreams dissolve like snow upon the tongue
As doggerel and dirge enmesh, and wow, how have we come so far
And oh my love, is that a tear or did the heavens lend a star
And tell me when we reach the part where the melody loses time
Let’s make a pact to keep intact the tender rhythm of the rhyme  

© Janet Martin

I’m listening to Victoria feel out the keys on the piano while learning a new song…
and it struck me how both musician and writer ‘feel’ the keys!

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