Saturday, January 19, 2019

With Nothing But Kind Thought...

Yesterday some of us traveled those dusty roads to the Past as we lived some Good Old Days of the Goldstone General Store. It reminded me of something my dad used to say not exactly like this but with the same meaning; the reason we have Good Old Days is because Time has a way of smoothing away sharp edges leaving only scenes of loveliness to fondly cherish.

It's like wishing for summer in winter...
we forget its extreme fatigue and unrelenting task-master 
as we wander its perfect flower fields
in perfect temperatures!

Beneath the frozen autographs of snow drifts and ice jams
A world of brooks and gardens waits to laugh and leap like lambs
This connoisseur of frosted lures and glitter-tulle knee-deep
Will soon indulge meadow and moor with buttercups and sheep

Desire digs its heels into the hub of skin and bones
Its appetite appeals to hunger’s ever-present thrones
Time’s ceremonial season-tide excites the dreamer’s thirst
Then washes to the other side of reach, echo-immersed

The steaming mugs we hug to gratify both taste and touch
Are like little vacations from Duty’s demands and such
One season to another lends both hunger and reprieve
As all that we hold dear becomes part truth, part make-believe

Beneath the lathe that smooths sharp edges and hard to-do list  
A precious wonderland evolves, swathed in soft purple mist
With pain of toes we stubbed and strain of loads we lugged forgot
As we recall fond days gone by with nothing but kind thought

© Janet Martin  

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