Monday, January 14, 2019

On Cherishing the Beauty of Duty

No time at all to 'wax poetic', ever, these days,
I commented to Victoria on a full-of-Duty's-Beauty-and-interruption-Saturday,
(not as a complaint but merely as a conscious choice to remember
to treasure the measure of Now!)
...before the house turns quiet save for the tiptoe of echoes!

One of the moment-gold nuggets is 'summer-goodness' mid-winter!

These are not the days
When moments run
Like jazz through veins
Or Time is plush
Soft, like a brush
Of unrushed summer rains

These are days
Of Duty’s Beauty
Full of giving’s common call
Authoring the
Precious echoes
Of love’s finest days of all

These are the days
Of have and hold
And moment-gold's copious heaps
Before the quiet
Where busy-mess of living sleeps

© Janet Martin


  1. I love your phrase"Duty’s Beauty" ... a lovely way to think of duty in the light of beauty and love and living in the moment.

    Wishing you a lovely day, Janet.
    Brenda xox

    1. Thank-you Brenda...I also often whisper "it's a beautiful life" a phrase thanks to you!

      Wishing you a Duty-beauty day as well~

    2. I'm so glad we can share the journey together ... :)


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