Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Reason I Pray

Yesterday I wrote the Reasons I Write Poetry.
On a far more sacred note today I write a few of the reasons I pray!

I pray to obey Love's command and appeal
Even when words fail me He knows how I feel
I ask God for trust where Unknown veils The Way
I praise Him for mercies unveiling new day
I plead for His Presence to guide, keep and such
For loved ones too far from my fingers to touch
His hand on their shoulder to protect and cheer
His voice in their choices, His Hope in their fear
His joy in their sorrow, His Light in the dark
His strength in their weakness, His word in their heart
I pray and in this way touch the Hand of He
Who fashions the flower and favours the field
With sunshine and shower for bountiful yield
I pray so that I may not forget His grace
Vile curse of sin broken, Death robbed of its goal
In Eternal life for the undying soul
I pray for those blinded by unbelief, hate
…that they will find Truth before it is too late
That they will repent, confess Him and receive
Blood-bought inheritance for all who believe
I appeal to him for forgiveness of sin
Lest an evil shoot starts to take root within
I thank Him for His Word that will never fail
For His perfect love to direct and prevail
I thank Him and thank Him and thank Him again
For Hope springs eternal in spite of life’s pain
For His Pardon suffered and sealed, once for all
Still, I pray for conviction where sin would befall
I pray for believers to fight the good fight
To lean on the One whose way is always right
His thoughts so much higher than man’s want and woe
I thank Him for peace within, while still without
The world suffers, writhing in hate, fear and doubt
I thank Him that no mortal power or threat
Can thwart or usurp I AM’s Immortal ‘Yet’
Jesus; His Lordship and His Righteousness
I thank Him that his joy is our strength and shield
That in His right timing all will be revealed
That in the meantime, we, humble human race

© Janet Martin


  1. Love. Such an encompassing prayer, Janet. Well thought out with perfect scripture links and references. A mini Bible study contained within the walls of your words, my friend. And then perfectly complete with songs of worship! Thank you for ministering to my heart this morning! Blessed weekend!

  2. Thank-you Glynis. As I was praying this morning for so many people I love it was so comforting to know that through prayer we entrust them to the hands of God, and I began to meditate on the blessing of prayer. This poem barely skims the surface, right?!

  3. For sure. But gets us thinking with grateful hearts...


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