Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Word Pictures For Something Hard to Find Words For...

Like a hen clucks to her brood then tucks them ‘neath her downy wing
Like a wisp of wind can woo, or like the world remembers spring
Like the waves can crash, recoil then roil into a rivulet
Tuning brooks that wend through dells and sparkle in starred pirouette
Like wonder that wakens worship in that heart-shaped church within
Like plush rush of dark-brushed rain song or light lilt of violin
Like a sunset, like a handshake, like a string quartet, new day
Like a big yellow umbrella when the afternoon is gray
Like a poufy feather-pillow, like a well-worn winter coat
Like an ocean full of billow yet, the schooner stays afloat
Like a rainbow after thunder filled the heavens for awhile
Like a school-boy’s growling hunger, like a prayer and like a smile
Like a rock, the keeps its balance while change charges left and right
Like a candle in the window in the middle of the night
Like the fervor of a river when it flood-waters run wild
So my precious Liebling, is the love of mother for her child

© Janet Martin

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