Monday, January 28, 2019

Break of Day

 This Time of year we have front-row seats to break of day!

We rouse to watch dawn draw away
Dark, vaulted, velvet hold of stars
To splay on earth’s east fringe, flushed bars
That ushers in the break of day

Through far-off floodgates pours God’s might
That none can dam, detain or thwart
Across shorelines of hope and hurt
Proceeds a tidal wave of Light

Through streets of snow the workers go
Where through much change much stays the same
In ups and downs, smiles, frowns, praise, blame
In more-we-learn-the-less-we-know

Til this; the kiss-and-tell of time
Takes everybody by surprise
While we marvel at death’s disguise
Rose-ribboned dust of rhythm and rhyme

…oft jolted by matters of fact
Borne in hands work-worn, eyes tear-starred
Where aftermath, toil-soiled, hurt-scarred
Still leaves God’s promises intact

© Janet Martin

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