Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Only Say, The Only Way; Truth

We will not win without it; the Truth
Whether we can prove it or not It Was, Is and Will Be!
Nothing can touch it or change it. Ever.
What a comforting, sobering Reality!

Sometimes as I sit the the keyboard and whisper, God?
He lends a painting of His Creation,
sometimes He sends words of warning and admonition! 
Sometimes a poem takes a bit of time to complete 
and sometimes He lights a fire where the writer can hardly keep ahead of the words!
This was such a poem, inspired by a missionary's newsletter written in a prayer of surrender
and hunger for Truth in a world comfortable with lies!

Picking but a few diamonds from The Mine of Truth!

It is so easy Lord, to twist the Truth into a lie
And make its law more pleasing to appeals of ear and eye
Your promises unflinching, oh, but likewise Your commands
Where word are clanging cymbals without love’s obedience

The arrogance and stubbornness of man will lead astray
And annul best intentions if we do not know The Way
The Way, The Truth, The Life, whose blood lost sinner’s reconciled
Is Righteousness and Holiness and Precept undefiled

Pride goes before destruction, haughtiness before the fall
Lust’s foolishness and greed always opposes Love’s True Call
Of ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with heart, soul, strength and mind
Thy neighbour as thyself’; this Greatest law for all mankind

Like a Lamb led to slaughter, King of kings and Lord of lords
Did not revile against the mob; the Saviour of the world
Though spat upon, and beaten, crowned with thorns, falsely accused
Led to a cross and crucified without sin, torn and bruised

To suffer in man’s stead the Pardon for humanity
To all who repent and believe The Truth will set them free
The Author of redemption’s Plan suffered, but for Love’s Laws
So to, the humble suffer for Hope’s High and holy Cause

Truth; Steadfast through the storms of love and life and strife and change
Abides in spite of futile tries its curbs to rearrange
Fear seeks to sire doubt and doubt leads to loss and despair
Faith clings to Truth; its cross will lead to joy beyond compare

(Therefore the Handbook of all Truth no one should disregard)
Ignorance cannot save, and yes, The Way is straight and hard
Where peace that passes understanding leads us to The Prize
Of Everlasting Life with God in Heaven’s Paradise

Where faith will become sight; The Word of God The Final Say
His Truth, the Victory where death and hell is done away
Small wonder then, the devil like a lion roams about
Seeking souls to mislead, devour , before his hour/pow’r runs out

© Janet Martin

Will our youth know The Truth?
Where God's Truth fills,
the world's lies hollow, hollow, hollow
into a howling hunger that cannot be satisfied!


Deception is a delightful-looking dish designed to poison and kill!

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