Thursday, January 24, 2019

Of Daily Grind and Chance It Grants

This poem was written as a Motivational speech to Self;
as I pondered/prayed for this day the Lord has made to rejoice and be glad in it!
(yes, though it is sky-wide gray, The Unknown juxtaposed with work-a-day-worn-routine
and very sweet youngsters who don't mind a bit to test patience and wills as well 😉)

 Winter days are perfect for extra kitchen 'play-time'

Life’s daily grind of ties that bind the workman to the plow
Is so designed for us to find its happiness somehow
There is no pie up in the sky, only the push and tug
Of heave-heave-ho, of hold-let go, of slip-trip, kiss and hug

Ah, days are bold, soft they unfold before our very eyes
The commonness of live-laugh-love can take us by surprise
Where hope and prayer, joy and despair, delights and vexes we
Who touch our feet upon a street hinged to eternity

Purpose and plan twixt God and man can be a wrestling match
Reason, though kind is often blind to Mercy’s tender catch
While seasons surge then mutely merge with moments once we had
Each morning grants a whole new chance to rejoice and be glad

Where Past expands as hearts and hands sample the sands of time
As live and learn and give and yearn compose the stairs we climb
Where bless and curse, for better-worse its tests and quests unwind
Where thankfulness finds happiness within life’s daily grind

© Janet Martin

(no pie in the sky but a pizza-pie on the table is sure to please:)



  1. With a title including "daily grind", I was hoping there'd be coffee involved - which i need more of this morning! But what a delight to read such lines as "...we Who touch our feet upon a street hinged to eternity..." Thanks for continuing to share the thoughts that buzz about in your mind. (& the pizza is inspiring, too!)

    1. The Daily Grind...hey, if ever I open a coffee shop that's what I'll call it;-0 thank-you!:) 'the daily grind' besides coffee threatens to flatten me some days so it helps to look around for the 'perks'. (pun intended) In that note I'm gonna brew a fresh cuppa! Tot just went in for a nap:)
      Thank-you too Cyndy for keeping up our mini-Montana vacations! Someday I definitely want to see the real deal.


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