Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Grand Stand-or-Sit Art Gallery

 It's a grand stand-or-sit
Art Gallery
We can stay as long as we like
He doesn't mind a bit
And admission is free!

Winter unveils a gilt tableau
We pause, like we’ve never beheld
Unfurled murals of sky and snow
Where white-blue-silver-bronzed hues meld

Like a still-life of ancient days
The Artist exceeds man’s request
Perfection does not change His ways
His easel always holds the Best

Where earth is like a gallery
That showcases (always in part)
The flawless handiwork of He
Who is unrivaled in His art

To rich and poor His brush extends
His Masterpieces small and large
As all of earth and heaven bends
With signatures of God In Charge

© Janet Martin

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