Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Prayer for Perseverance, Pardon and Peace

 Before Christmas Grandson loved looking at all the brightly coloured flyers filled with
On Friday as he paged through each flyer I heard him say "toys? toys?" in a disappointed voice.
Thankfully AG Dealer saved the day and he had something to look at after all!

He reminded me a little of us sometimes as we leaf through distractions looking for 'toys, toys?'
Thankfully God's Word/love saves the day!

Angel at our shoulder
Army ‘round about
Peace to all who trust Thee
Lord, why do we doubt

Soul-sweet satisfaction
Thou art ever near
Goodness without ration
Lord, why do we fear

Well of Living Water
For a world sin-cursed
Free to every nation
Lord, why do we thirst

Buffets of distraction
First tempt, then mislead
Lord, remind Want’s hunger
You are all we need

Nothing can persuade Thee
To forsake our side
Lord, guard and protect us
From thought’s foolish pride

Make our hearts an altar
Holding nothing back
For You will not falter
Lord, what do we lack

Lord, forgive our folly
When sin leads astray
Then Lord, guide, bless, keep us
In Jesus' name I pray

© Janet Martin

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!…
Psalm 34:7-8

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