Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Like Quaint Quilt Patches

On Sunday a few friends and I marveled at the artistry
 in the quilts on display at a local restaurant (Crossroads:) 
A quilt is a one-of-a-kind-work-of-art!
A little like each of our lives; bits and pieces stitched together!
Today's moments would make quite the patch-work quilt,
 I thought as I 'arranged' some of its colors while others spilled, splashed and crumbled into place...
I love snowy kitchen-days and the tots didn't seem to mind either!

A few today-quilt-patches...

Good to be busy and thoughtful and thankful
Good to be glad in Time’s tête-à-tête verge
Good to be helpful and happy and humble
Making the most of mere moments that merge
Like quaint quilt-patches into the big picture
Drawing us oft to a soft, surreal cast
To marvel at the fine stitches and tincture
That turned from everyday life into Past

Good to be gentle while tuned to a spindle
Holding a wheel that unravels the thread
Weaving a fabric of freckle and brindle
Pink, periwinkle, gold, green, sapphire, red
Gold and gray shimmers of dirt-floor and rafter
Pastel and neon frays of hand and heart
Turning the colors of yearning and laughter
Into a one-of-a-kind-work-art

© Janet Martin

On the other side of the window B-R-R!!
On this side, COZY!
Thank-you, Lord

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