Thursday, January 31, 2019


"I would go CRAZY after about 30 minutes of your life", remarked one of my dearly-beloveds
 as they helped themselves to a bowlful of homemade granola, (before heading out)
while surveying the wreckage of living in the 'not-so-background music' of tots!

Well, replied I, If it was the mere mechanics of Doing it would be dull indeed...

Life would be a doleful, soulful hole full of fear and despair
It would be a lonely, loathsome, longing-laden weight of care
Toil would be a mundane, mocking, morbid money-driven taunt
Where its filthy lucre’s purchase would be lacking what we want
And the most that we could cope for is to hope for bitter death
Without Heaven as the outcome as it severs soul and breath
But for this gear-grinding, mercy-finding, sorrow-binding Best
Love; ah love and only love makes worthy all the rest

© Janet Martin

 Love is the game-changer, I continued,
It makes all the difference in all we do!
I love making life lovely for those I love.
So, it's not always what we do but why that makes what we do worthwhile!

Though we give our bodies to be burned and have not love it profits us nothing...
1 Cor. 13


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