Monday, January 21, 2019


Mellow mantle melts across the frosted, fallow countryside
Twilight tweaks the cheeks of heavens; rosy like a blushing bride
Loveliness dissolves desire in the duskiness of day
Earth is like an ancient lyre that the wings of angels play

Nightfall tips the flask that drips with task that slips into adieu
Vexing visage with the velvet vintage of soft pink and blue
Tucking, like a clucking mother hen, earth’s brumal brood beneath
Winter’s outspread wing while winnowing the world of hill and heath

Nature nods, applauds the Artist that can steal the heart away
Farewell unfolds pinpoint sparkles on the arc of darkened day
Night descends, like a black stallion motionless upon a beach
While the moon like a medallion dangles just beyond our reach

© Janet Martin

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