Thursday, January 31, 2019

For Old Man Winter's Shining Hour

 I found the above old book a few months ago, 
a chapter for each month written by a woman (after my own heart) in Connecticut...
but very relatable in Canada as well!
Weather certainly has come in capital letters this week!
Hubby is in Winnipeg with a brand new truck and frozen fuel!

Fellow, famous for your grit
For our love or hate of it
You don’t seem to mind a bit
Owning center stage
Seething in each crease and crook
Stirring love for tea and book
Making home the sweetest nook
While your tempers rage

While you tweak cheeks, nose and toes
While you shake Nature’s repose
While you make yourself at home
Right outside each door
Tumbling, rumbling, reeling g-r-r-r
Big, burly, breath-stealing b-r-r-r
Sparkling stillness, starred silver
Want and wonder war

Season of quilted desires
Frozen water-pipes, home-fires
Icicles like crystal spires
Fringe each rooftop’s edge
Where earth’s frozen floorboards creak
Where our hasty footsteps squeak
Where the birdie fills its beak
With God’s seeded pledge

Shovels, skates, skis and snow-shoes
Landscapes draped in hoary hues
Vantage filled with varied views
Of you, foe or friend
Old Man Winter, shine your hour
Flaunt your frigid super-pow’r
For with each day you devour
You hasten your end

While you leap with cold, bold stride
Fling your fortune far and wide
We smile at your foolish pride
Knowing one sure thing
With each flurry that you flail
With each fierce frost bitten gale
Slowly, surely you unveil
Earth’s rebirth, sweet spring

© Janet Martin

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