Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Of Moments Such As These

 Sometimes while the tots toddle and play in the snow...

... I snare a few pics as I waddle to and fro
seeking new wonders to devour
like winter's flower!

Through ramparts rife with stars and snow
Life's seasoned surges ebb and flow
Ah, storms subside then violets grow
On graves of winter spent
Where we of trial-and-error glove
Are always fitted with enough
To make the best of live-laugh-love
Beneath Time’s sky-wide tent

The tap-dance of Today soon dims
Where now a new arrangement brims
With never-before-wrested hymns
Soft-wrangled into place
For we, of mortal acumen
All students of love’s soul-full yen
Showcase footwork of ‘try again’
In ballrooms full of grace

This pain-and-pleasure albatross
This measure of both gain and loss
This heavy, treasure-laden cross
Can press us to our knees
To keep this frame of dust-to-dust
Dependent on hope’s humble trust
To curb the roar of wanderlust
With moments such as these

This oracle of day-to-day
Melts moments such as these away
Into the sum of do-and-say
A Very Holy Thing
As common molds of sleep and wake
Of hands we hold and bread we break
Turn Time into The Way We take
To bow before The King

© Janet Martin

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