Thursday, January 10, 2019

January Majesty

Earth went from bleak and barren to sleek white satin in the last day and night!

The land is plush with starry swirls
The black brook’s babbles cease
The wind, with gusty brush unfurls
A white-world masterpiece

Night fades its shades of endless ink
And fills man’s eastward gaze
Where Morning is an opal, pink
With silver-frosted glaze

And hope wafts, feathery and soft
Then wild and wonder-thrilled
Extravagance empties its loft
Earth’s naked Want is filled

And ‘wish’ wears fuzzy socks and sighs
Like lilies in repose
Love looks at life through gentle eyes
Unrushed in thermal clothes

It finds within white solitude
Breathtaking Majesty
To cheer the heart that else might brood
And miss the poetry

© Janet Martin


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