Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Because Some Days We Miss and Happy New Year

 Take a bow
Here's to a year 
of making the most 
of Now and Here

this picture is my New Year's Tradition;
A picture of a greeting card my grandparents received many years ago.

Because some days we miss, it seems
A blip of busyness and dreams
Before they meld to misty reams
On sentimental seas
Because some days we miss so much
A perfect blend of taste and touch
That hastes through have and hold and such
Into fond memories

Oh, stippled stairs of hugs and prayers
Of love-you, miss-you, tugs and cares
Of tending-spending-mending flares
That fade on dusky west
To reignite upon the east
Because some days we miss the Feast
That begs the beauty from a beast
That roars with toil and test

….and teaches us the crucial art
Of life’s most elemental part
Love challenges both hand and heart
With hunger and hooray
And reminds us to humbly peer
Into the nimble Now and Here
Because some days we miss more, dear
After they slip away

© Janet Martin

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