Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sh! Let's Listen to the Rain!

One of my top ten favs… much-needed-rainy summer morning!

Suddenly we slip on slippers
Sip that second cuppa slow
Tempo of teeny tap-dancers
Putting on a first-class show

Suddenly a trillion runnels
Run where yester-dust swirled up
Pitter-patter, precious jewels
Filling pond and petal-cup

Suddenly the whir of traffic
Dons the shush of plush footwear
Hunger humbled by the music
That tumbles in answered prayer

Suddenly we feel at home, oh
Rain-rhapsody, what a thrill
Rousing in the pen a poem
That no strictest scold can still

Suddenly, summer seems slower
Laughter laps up heaven’s tear
Taming haste of come and going
With the taste of Now and Here

© Janet Martin

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