Friday, August 17, 2018

Another Porch...because the world can never have too many porches!

I'm finally getting to Poetic Bloomings Sunday prompt; whatchamacallit!
 a poem about your blog name
The purpose of this blog-porch; a place to relax and be poetically and/or pho-etically refreshed!

Yesterday's porch-sit with a little girl included a story about
'How I got my Bangs'
Well, she said (after making sure I think they are beautiful!!)
you see, I got a toy stuck in my hair then my brother said he can get it out so he got some scissors and then! out came the toy AND a BIG BLUNK of hair
and that's when I got my bangs!

We also played a super-intense car-game while she enjoyed a chocolate ice-cream cone
and I, black to play??
pick one or two colors and see who gets the most vehicles of that color going by
(Cat column gets all the colors not picked by players...)
OH!!! the suspense when we can hear a car and the score is tie,
and then the ear-splitting shriek if it was her color and she could relish those sweetest words of all
 " I winned!"
( an educational game too;
according to our records most people drive black, gray, silver and white vehicles)

Our porch is as modest as they come but still somehow holds little pieces of almost-heaven!

...canners cooling

 ...curly-headed tots,
and sometimes flower pots til they die😏

Porches are for sitting
For sipping cups of tea
For reflection or knitting
Or reading poetry

Porches are a haven
Of blessed quietness
A place of relaxation
And home-sweet-happiness

Porches are for pausing
To ponder simple things
To put aside our fussing
And feel like common kings

A place to get together
To watch the shadows fall
To share in friendly chatter
Or say nothing at all

To cherish words like ‘we’, love
To share laughter and tears
And marvel at the ease of
Days soon turned into years

Porches are for flowers
For songsters with guitars
For watching summer showers
  Or cartwheel clowns or cars

Porches are a picture
Of the sweet by and by
When we all get together
In God's front porch in the sky

© Janet Martin


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