Saturday, August 11, 2018

Like a Song in the Sun...

(another August poem because there is no way to savor every flavor in one spoonful!)

*Von da vind ivvah deh vaetsa-shtubla blosed node vased mah sis glie shbote-yowah, 
said my brother-in-law on Sunday evening(in our mother-tongue, Pennsylvania Dutch)
 as we gathered to celebrate hubby’s mom’s 87th birthday...

Oh! I replied, that almost feels like a poem! 
Yes, he said...I hear you write, like every week?!!
*Translation;’’ when the wind blows over the wheat-stubble then we know soon it will be fall”

When late-day is baked like a golden cake
Drizzled with honey from a heaven-spoon
When sunflower-halos are wide awake
And cricket-vibrato spills noon to noon

When leaves, like candle-flares silver and green
Flicker in whispers of barely-a-breeze
When field lies fallow where wheat-sheen had been
Leaving the impression of memories

When dust of days spent and musk of songs sung
Ache with awareness of love-and-let-go
When music is petal-soft, lisped by a tongue
Of tattered delphinium’s purple-blue snow

When kiss of full colour and bliss of have-hold
Flashes like splashes of lake-diamonds tossed
When earth’s panorama of green, bronze and gold
Lures barefoot dancers to ballrooms soon lost

When wind in the willow is drowsy with heat
And hope is a-billow with heart-strings undone
When live-in-the-moment is bittersweet
There August is…like a song in the sun

There August is like a wave on the sand
Like a milkweed pod filled with silk-spun tears
Like a yellow cello played by a hand
That no one can see but everyone hears

© Janet Martin

And a bit of 'blossom-snow' from one of my favorite books Edge Seasons by Beth Powning

this piece simply feels like August to me!

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