Monday, August 6, 2018

Because We Are Our Brother's Keeper...

Whether walking where the water washes sand-prints away,
Whether sprawled in a chair or bed-ridden,
Whether wearing flip-flops or The Original Muck
We leave footprints never fully hidden

 Lest the blood/mud of another's downfall stains our hands, 
we should think before we drink!

Every alcoholic started with 'one harmless drink'

"Just because I can control myself after one drink doesn't mean that someone watching can. 
Imagine if  the word 'no' when offered a drink saves someone else from a life of addiction 
and all the awfulness attached!
No amount of momentary pleasure is worth opening the door to another's lifetime of heartache!" 
~My dad~
"I like it!" said Eve and gave some to Adam...and he liked it too!
Good-bye Eden!

But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, 
and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.
Daniel 1:8


We might think it won’t matter, once
Just a quick slip from the path
To taste a sip from  'Sly One's Sconce’
But oh…the aftermath

cause  someone tells someone who tells
Someone who tells one who
Thinks if 'we' did then he/she would like
To try it ‘just once’ too

He finds he likes the taste so well
He has two, three and four…
And now Desire burns like hell
With a thirst he can’t ignore

…and now the one who tried it once
Unscathed, watches one cursed
Glass after glass, he drinks and drinks
But cannot quench his thirst

© Janet Martin

 Below, a few excerpts from
James MacDonald;
Walk in the Word Message entitled

The Bible does not require total abstinence,
but it recommends it as the highest and best course, filled with the greatest wisdom.
I believe it is a choice which you can be most proud of when you stand before the Lord Jesus Christ.

... It is a loving choice. As you grow in your faith, you discern that you make choices
 not because of what is best for you, but by what is best for others.
The Christian life is not all about you—what you can handle,
what you can control, what’s nice for you.
The Christian life is for others.  We don’t live to ourselves.

... As a follower of Jesus, if you’re not sure it’s right for you to drink alcohol,
then it’s wrong for you to do it even if it isn’t wrong....

There is nothing more devastating than a life (SO much potential!) destroyed by addiction!

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