Monday, May 8, 2017

When I Begin To See

When I begin to glimpse the love
That gave His life at Calvary
And paid sin’s debt for you and me
(and oh, how awful that debt was)

…when I begin to contemplate
Who Jesus IS, who He became
To save us from our guilt and shame
(and oh, that guilt and shame is great)

When I begin to realize
Where we would be without His grace
No hope for sinful human race
(and oh, no heaven when man dies)

…then all that I can do is bow
And wonder how such love could be
He gave His life for you and me
(then oh, what love we should live now)

© Janet Martin


  1. Indeed. If He did that for us, what should we do?

    1. love one another as he loved us first, right?


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