Monday, May 22, 2017

Time is Like A Lullaby

Time tunes its tireless lullabies
Where notes, like  petal-boats capsize
To spill dulcet hellos-goodbyes
Through faces, places, piers
They glint upon green-tinted tress
And spill in hymns of happiness
To dim couloirs and recesses
With spent laughter and tears

Ephemeral, time’s transient tryst
It sparkles, pink-gold-amethyst
Then fades into a phantom mist
On echo-laden breeze
Where what we have and hold becomes
An epitaph of moment-crumbs
A distant Neverland that thrums
With life-sums; memories

Triumph is more than contests won
Or prize-trophies for races run
It tunes the touch of said and done
With gentle gratitude
Where Time is like a lullaby
Of who-what-when-wherefore and why
It heaps the heart with sleepy sigh
Of seasons soon subdued

© Janet Martin

Whoever-wherever you are today
Cherish its gift of gold or gray
For with eventide it becomes
A memento of moment-sums

Happy Victoria Day, fellow-Canadians!


  1. The way this well composed poem is laid out, there is a hint there is something more.


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