Saturday, May 6, 2017


 Even though 'this' is not picture-perfect it is all we have. 
We should cherish it for who knows what morrow's 'this' will be...

This day grants a rainy-day inkwell;-) thank-you, rainy-windy-freezing cold May day;-)

Futile to fret for what is not
Nor let Thought plunder Past’s abyss
Better to look at what we’ve got
And seek to make the best of 'this'

For soft and swift the ‘This’ we clasp
Will disappear without a sound
Into a fathom ever-cast
Where none the key to it has found

Therefore, before we turn to crave
The ‘this’ we had but missed somehow
We should look well at what we have
And make the utter-best of Now

© Janet Martin

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