Monday, May 15, 2017

The Way Life Works

Well, said Luke after bravely drying his tears (after a soaker induced by a big bump from little sister while he proudly filled the bird-bath) ‘this is the way life works…sometimes when you pour water you get wet!”

Well, this is the way life works, love
Water makes us wet
And whatever seed we plant, love
Is the plant we get

If we eat too much too much, love
There's ‘too much’ of us
If we overlook God’s love, love
We will fret and fuss

If we want to be ‘nice old folk’
We must be nice young
If we want to keep the peace, love
We must bite our tongue

If we leap before we look, love
We deserve disgrace
If we want to win the prize, love
We must run the race

Yes, this is the way life works, love
We reap what we sow
And the more we learn, we learn, love
How little we know

But one thing is sure and certain
God’s grace grants each day
Aren't you glad, so sweetly glad, love 
That life works this way?

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes. It all comes to this.

    1. yes, no matter how much it may annoy us when 'big brother' gets all the fun and we give him a naughty push;-)...but by the grace of God!

  2. A day in the life ... what beautiful ways you capture the every day, Janet. You make me smile. A lovely poem and sweet, sweet, photos!

    1. Hi Glynis, long time no see!:) thank-you for your kind words. Kids, a beautiful way to be completely BUSY!


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