Friday, May 12, 2017


Oh tell me, does the valor of new morning dipped in gold
Bestow hope’s color to your heart that harbored somber hue
Does gladness soothe the sadnesses that ways of life unfold?
And does the hug of spring-love get the better of you too?

Does wonder heal heart-hunger with the art of leaf-laced loom?
Oh tell me, when life’s green umbrella world unfurls once more
And buds break into flower-laughter, after winter’s gloom
Do you fall into spring-love like a song-struck troubadour?

…and are we all poets perhaps, without ink-chartered Must
Does duty don a kinder beauty in nature’s rebirth?
And tell me, does the praise that flows from days of dust-to-dust
Inspire lays of spring-love to the Teacher of the earth?

To linger by the shallows where the swallows dip and dive
To drink from brinks of pink where More out-pours in morn’s ahoy
Tell me, does this not make you feel so glad to be alive?
Where treasure from the trove of spring-love fills our souls with joy

© Janet Martin

Hoping for you, a happy-heart day:)


  1. Nice use of word play to convey the joys of the day.

  2. :) thank-you...the lively morning poet is dragging her limbs a little tonight after a joy-filled, noise-filled day;-)


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