Friday, May 26, 2017

Sorrow's Prize...

 In the middle of play
...right out of the blue one little cutie-petutie remarked to the other,
"I miss my mommy" and the other replied "me too"
 (When I told them the more we miss someone the more we love them
smiles prevailed;-))

In life I’ve learned a thing or two
Love’s unseen depth to prove
The deeper flows the ‘missing you’
The deeper runs the love

Sometimes I do not realize
Until we are apart
How sweet the seed of sorrow’s prize
Rose-gardens in the heart

© Janet Martin


  1. So sweet and dear.

    1. thank-you Martin:) so are the two who inspired it!

  2. "How sweet the seed of sorrow’s prize
    Rose-gardens in the heart"

    Lovely, Janet.

    1. Hi Sasha,
      an thank-you:) Really hoping to tackle some 'rose-gardens of the land' today. Between weather and other responsibilities i have not planted a single flower yet! I'm thankful for dependable perennials. We are enjoying the early bloomers.


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