Saturday, May 6, 2017

On Learning to Learn

 Do you sometimes wish you could make your children understand what as yet, they simply cannot?!
...until we remember our own journey of discovery and 'aha'.

We learn to learn, and so will they
For Father Time, patient and true
Without a word will have his say
For his ways do not change; we do

…and as we pass the Baton, we
See what our predecessors knew
Then with kinder humility
We learn to learn as they did too
…how running, makes us fall behind
But slowing, we gain ground…so strange  
As Father Time, patient and kind
Teaches how some things never change

...that in life’s dwindling wake-work-sleep
It kindles a holier reach
For Something that no one can keep
And only Father Time can teach

© Janet Martin

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