Thursday, May 4, 2017

May, Fairest of All Art Thou

May, fairest of all art thou
Thou that wearest leafling lace
Thou that warms the hungry face
And caresses nature’s brow

May, most lovely to behold
Merchants cannot own thy Best
But stand awestruck like the rest
As thy first green spills in gold

May, the hope of human heart
Blossoms dot thy flawless gown
Lilac-whispers weave thy crown
Earth, thy gallery of art

Thy tray heaped with hip-hooray
Thy day like a dream come true
Thy eyes like a lake of blue
Thou, the fairest of all, May

© Janet Martin

Okay readers from rural Ontario... so this poem is a bit of a coax to the May we know is out there!
We get a little glimpse then the temps nose-dive again so put a log on the fire and dream;-)

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