Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ah, Brooding Thought; Intimate One

Ah, brooding Thought; Intimate one
Thou makest willing hands a pawn
Where thou commandest they obey
Without a sound thou hast thy say

For thou, though veiled cannot conceal
The words that touch and taste reveal
And no white-washed hypocrisy
Can fool the rules that order thee

And though no one can see thy form
Thou takest the whole world by storm
Because each sleight of hand is taught
By thee;  intimate, brooding Thought

…and shouldst I think to usurp thee
Thou makest a servant of me
For thou art lord of every move
Then pray thee, Thought, that thou art Love

© Janet Martin I think I better do some dishes and decide what's for supper! 
I hope Thought allows some lovely-yummy inspiration;-))


  1. ...and still He listens

  2. It is a daily struggle to take every thought captive and only let the lovely one's out of the fold to graze...


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