Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Like a Stranger...

Sometimes I feel a little like a stranger looking in
To where the world that once unfurled is lost beneath my skin
Time feels like a roulette wheel; easy come and easy go
Until sometimes I feel more like someone I used to know

Sometimes I think time’s wink they warned me of when I was young
Is even quicker now than when I scorned with fearless tongue
Aha, aha, I laughed, quite glad of all the days between
...then, when I wasn’t looking they slipped into ‘what has been’

Sometimes love’s ragged heartstrings, interwoven through and through
Engage in a strange tug of war with what I thought I knew
Before the roar of moments blew the door shut soundlessly
And left me looking, like a stranger at what used to be

© Janet Martin


  1. This poem strikes home

  2. I can relate to this deeply as well Janet. I love the wisdom that flows from your beautiful poems!


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