Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Embrace today, it slips away
Into the hold of tender thought
Forbid we miss its feather kiss
Because we wished for what was not

Inept at keeping season’s sweep
The leaping child, like budded leaf
Unfolds the vim of heaven’s hymn
And then succumbs to earthy Chief

Inept at stilling hour’s will
Where thrilling firsts are hugged and kissed
And then set free, a memory
To flower in the dreamer’s fist

Inept at swaying age-old ways
Of day to day, or thwart the foot
That trips to time that strips the vine
That treads to wine its grinning fruit

Inept to drink, save wink by wink
The gold-blue-pink of dawn-noon-dusk
To climb with care the spiraled stair
That never returns days to us

© Janet Martin


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