Thursday, May 4, 2017

In This Live-Like-There's-No-Tomorrow Chase...

 Caress the common finesse of Today...

‘Neath secret sorrows hope forges faith’s seed
We learn to wait while bud-gates bar bloom-burst
Teaching that reaching is oft head-bowed need
…how things worth having we must wait for first
For it is things we wait for that will mold
Hearts filled with gratitude for all we hold

Life’s struggle-trouble tug-of-heart and soul
Its live-like-there-is-no-tomorrow chase
Surprises us with laughter-tears that roll
To wash the worry-lines from downcast face
Do not despair; the care that brings us low
Keeps us mindful of, by Whose grace we go

Revere the tenure of time’s tick-tock spree
Caress the common finesse of today
Now fills the matrix that forms memory
Its hello-farewell, a swift, seamless splay
Beneath life’s joy and sorrow-plaited lope
We learn to turn its wait-and-see to hope

© Janet Martin



  1. Indeed an lavishly expressed

  2. "Teaching that reaching is oft head-bowed need"

    A beautiful reminder, Janet.

    And congrats to Brantley James and family!

    1. Thank-you Sasha:) SO much to be thankful for!


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