Monday, May 15, 2017

In Praise of Green

 Green and gold seem in sort of a duel for dominance these days but this poem is in praise of green

Green spreads its grace across a place that long was void of vim
The slumbering bud and seed wakens whispers to sod and limb
Where hallelujah songs of nature nurtures thankful gaze
As color-wheels of mercy thrill the humble heart with praise

God kisses earth with favor; where green sweeps were held at bay
He breaks the dam that wakes the land that long was brown and gray
Across the countryside a tide impeccable in shade
Most glorious, victorious, gilds mortal's promenade

Hope’s divine intervention renders living proof, green-spun
He never forgets to send spring when winter’s fling is done
Now blue sky is a timbrel and the golden sun a gong
And man a humble minstrel chiming amen to each song

Janet Martin


  1. Truly inspired. Love the pictures.

    1. thank-you. it's the time of year when the heart can sing like a bird!


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