Wednesday, May 24, 2017


 I wrote the first half of this poem this morning and the latter half this evening after a flower-splashed  chatter-and-laughter-busy day...
My morning plan; to see those 'wild orchards' in the distance up close this eve, but rain 'intervened'

The bloom that harbors harvest tune fills orchard-rooms with hope
The boon that breaks the bud draws eyes to plush, blush-shrouded slope
Spring’s hour-glass spills flowers to bowers, long bare and grim
Where earth is like a belfry tower chiming nature’s hymn

This place where human race parades their promenade of days
Is so much more than that which panoramic past portrays
Beneath the bending breath that brims with life, man picks a path
And oh, how awesome is the outcome of its aftermath

The hill is like a lap of green where spring has sprung as last
The heart is like a clapping queen because winter is past
The morn is like a newborn, time-worn steppingstone, its course
A season- wending passageway back to Beginning’s source

Plenty to do with willing hands to do it; what a gift
For we are not to live like little pontoons set adrift
But with hope’s holy hunger passion’s purest purpose prove
Our greatest attribute and offering in life, this; love

Hello, farewell the bell of twilight tolls a tender lay
The skyline is a masterpiece of black on soft rosé
The perpendicularity of hold and letting go
Is like a violinist playing star-strings, sweet and slow

The earth feels lonelier beneath dark vesper-velveteen
Heaven seems nearer now than when the world is blue and green
Away, away the day is shushed into eternity
We clutch at pretty petals fallen from its flower-tree

© Janet Martin

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  1. Subtle use of Word Wizardry to echo a dream which is a day.


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