Monday, March 13, 2017

You Are Here...

A few hours of all-together-ness on the weekend sometimes seems to magnify the sharpness of apart-ness...
Melissa popped home for a day to surprise Victoria for her birthday... then she 'flew' away
photo credit; Rob Curry

According to mile-measure, darling
They deem us quite far apart
But, you’re here beneath my ribs, love
Held forever in my heart

Miles may separate our shoulders
From the tender joy of touch
But, I have re-learned how to hold you
So miles won’t hurt quite so much

Oceans are a splash of water
Emotions a dash of tear
Sweetheart, wherever you wander
I know you know, you are here

You are here, beneath my ribs, love
Clasped twixt finger-folded prayer
Never mind mile-measure, darling
You are here while you are there

© Janet Martin


  1. Such a sweet poem

  2. Love it Janet. Especially meaningful to me in these days of apart-ness. xo

    1. Can't imagine the apart-ness you are feeling right now! Oh, my dear friend, I send huge hugs and extra prayers for those stretched-to-the-max heartstrings!


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