Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Waiting While Winter Wearies...

The motivation to spring-clean in spite of the frigid temps has to do with words like;
 garden, flowers, sunshine, bird-song, green, warmth, earth etc:)

Meanwhile, birdies are getting their feather-coats fluffed with fierce, frosty fingers!
....and earth is a wide, wild ballroom

Earth is a wide,white-washed ballroom
Fallen stars frolic on fields sealed in snow   
Mother Nature's apron cups blooms
Eager to spill into spring’s flower-show

Summer seems far and forgotten
Lost, like a land in a mythical place
We wait for green words like ‘garden’
To salt our speech with its flowery grace

Purple and pink paradises
Wink from a world in white wastelands contained
Earth must withhold its surprises
Until the will of old winter has waned

© Janet Martin


  1. Your home is cozy and charming, Janet, so waiting while winter wearies, must be a wonderful pastime!


    1. :) I have so much to be thankful for! yes. and because I love all seasons it really does make the waiting pleasant.

    2. Poppy, Thank-you for reminding me:)


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