Friday, March 10, 2017

Some Days Are Like Flopped Cake

The first attempt (at a cake I've made numerous times before) flopped!
 ...and I felt like exactly like Brantley does when he wants someone to pick him up:)

...but, the next day, (early in the morning so it would be ready for birthday-supper) I tried again
with better results 

Some days we make mistakes, no matter what we try to do
And we are glad to brush away its fray when it is through
Until the morning ushers in Newness that none have trod
Like ribbons of redemption on life’s sorrow-sullied sod

This hurt-and-dirt-based try-again humbles with stumbles, oh
But by the grace of God and nothing else, onward we go
Where morning, like a fresh flower fills fists of push and shove
And paves past’s potholes with the gold of God’s redeeming love

Some days are like flopped cake; where we, primed for a pretty treat
Are offered up instead, a slice of humble pie to eat
Then morning sings a new song; praise the Lord, we are not bound
To time’s old come-along for one more second-time-around

This is the day the Lord has made; Heaven flings wide hope’s door
And frees from yon palisade Something like never before
Morning, like mercy’s messenger, bears glad tidings of grace
And always brings a new Today to take yesterday’s place

© Janet Martin

For those who have watering taste-buds, here is the recipe.
I think I took it out a little too soon the first time around. It takes a full hour to bake at 350F.


  1. I was predicting that when my cousin opens her Ugly Cake Tearoom, you and I would be competing for the position of chef and sou chef. Now that you have redeemed yourself, however, I suppose I will be able to choose any position I please.

    I have lately had a hankering for coconut cake, and I've never made one. I will be trying your recipe next week and if the cake fairies are kind it will look like your usual attempt. If it does not, I will persevere...

    1. laughing out loud by myself in the kitchen. thank-you:)!!!
      Ugly Cake Tearoom immediately makes one curious to visit much more so than Perfect Cake Tearoom:) the youngsters I babysit were so happy for the 'flop' according to them it was yummy-yummy as they pulled pieces from it without restriction;0 (at least for a little bit)

      It was your post that made me decide to try again in the morning and trust the 'hands that can handle everything' that it will be okay!

      p.s. I am fully qualified to be 'oops,oh dear' accomplice in whatever position is available:)

  2. So true. I am with you. ...and grateful to Lord too

    1. thank-you! we're all in this together, right?!


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