Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On Our Way...

Good Morning and Happy officially-Spring!

To sun-kissed hills
With daffodils
To green mist-mantled trees
To blossom hymns
On bursting limbs
And honey-scented breeze

To pansy-pomp
And tulip romp
To seedling-studded slope
To lilac-lanes
And silk-soft rains
Where wishing turns to hope

To golden swaths
And Luna moths
To long lean-shadowed dusk
To unearthed trails
Through back-wood vales
Heady with wild-mint musk

To blue-belled nook
And refilled brook
To velvet-vesper tune
To wicks that hold
Like candlelight at noon

To dew-gemmed dawn
And blue-hemmed Yon
To lark-song before day
To summer’s dock
Spring springs the lock
And we are on our way

© Janet Martin


  1. Gorgeous photos and a sweet tribute to newly arrived Spring, Janet! I especially like the first stanza of your lovely poem. Enjoy the rebirth of the earth!

    Happy Spring,

    1. Thank-you Poppy! We are enjoying... at least today looks/feels like spring so we won't let the morrow-forecast overshadow it:)

      Aren't you glad each country has its own beauties?!
      Happy Spring across the ocean to you:)

  2. Triumphant and beautiful (in every way) tribute to spring

    1. thank-you...I missed one of my favorite anticipations in this poem...the cricketing fields!


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