Thursday, March 9, 2017

Of You

 I don't feel any different than I did three years ago, remarked Victoria on the morn of her 16th birthday.
I know exactly what you mean, I laughed! The calendar tells me I'll soon be 51 and a lot of the time I feel like twenty... until I look in the mirror;-) (so I don't:)

My dear, I’m glad that once a year
Midst all of love and life’s to-do
It grants the chance to sing and dance
And celebrate the joy…Of you

The busyness of life’s affairs
Seems not to tire of care’s rue
But once a year, I’m glad, my dear
We celebrate the life…of you

For as each day-to day slips by
We come to realize, tis true
Years pass, so swift, each with a gift
To celebrate the love... of you

© Janet Martin

Happy Sweet 16, Victoria!

This poem was inspired by her wondering as she left for school, when celebrating birthdays first began, and why.
So, I googled it...I felt happier in ignorance of its origin.
I believe a birthday is a great time to give thanks for each 'one and only you'!


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