Sunday, March 5, 2017

Of Morrow In Slow Motion

 Started to compose this on my walk/run this evening as I watched the day begin to disappear.

Hush, hush, daylight is fading now
Rose blush on time’s chameleon brow
Then cease thy rush where sorrows blow
And still thy wayward sighing
The scenes that pass before our gaze
To fill the heart and mouth with praise
Dissolve where west is set a-blaze
Then dimmed like embers dying

The woodland wears a russet crown
The fallow field, a golden gown
Before the soundless stripping down
-Down-down in deepened shadow
The air like ether tallow drips
The flare that lights dawn’s candle slips
Today melds to fond fellowships
That only thought can hallow

The tide that bears time’s heirs soft-seeps
In blue, then ever bluer deeps
Until the billow of it sweeps
The earth into its ocean
Where night rolls through dusk’s lowered bars
And showers our sight with stars
Hush, hush, while heaven spills its jars
Of morrow in slow motion

© Janet Martin


  1. This is an artistic touch on reality

    1. last night I felt like 'painting'. thank-you for your kind words and for reading.

  2. The angle of light on the tree tops just as the sun drops from the sky is one of the loveliest times of the day. You captured it beautifully in the photo of the red trees with the background of is a moment of poetry itself.

    1. that shot is one of my favs pointing east instead of west where the 'action was:)

    2. Just as in life, we cannot compete with the glory of the Son but we can reflect Him. And He is the one who transforms our barreness into beauty. Some will call that cheesy but it is the stuff that sustains me...the poetry of the eternal.

    3. I call it brilliant and beautiful!! thank-you. your words make this hum-drum clean-and-tidy task-day and honor to perform!


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