Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Morning In Quiet Majestic Cajole...

How will we sing a glad hymn today?
Below, a glimpse of yester-song...

Each moment is like a note in the song of life!

Morning in quiet majestic cajole
Moves through the heavens
And woos heart and soul

Goodness and mercy in faithful descent
Ushers hope’s newness
To longing’s lament

Where darkness gathered spent day ‘neath its wing
Earth is alight with
Time’s fresh offering

Sing to its Giver a glad hymn of praise
Morning unfetters
New measures of grace

© Janet Martin


  1. Your poetry is always filled with song, Janet.

    1. thank-you:) even the raucous notes add a strangely sweet dissonance to life's melody:)

      hope all is well. praying.

    2. cute story...one of the little guys I babysat yesterday wondered if the red beginning-to-bulge maple buds are baby apples;-))

    3. A nice thought :)

      We're recovering, thank you, Janet. Prayers are very welcome. God bless.

  2. Beautiful, and so should it be.


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