Monday, March 13, 2017


(click image to enlarge for easier reading)  From Shadow Child by Beth Powning

Time hurls, pearls, swirls mere moments
From Whence to history
The darling and the loathsome
Woven to memory

Time’s graphic illustrations
As morn to night abates
Stuns us with separations
The flux of it creates

How hardly we have held it
And then it disappears
Time’s tick-tock affidavit
Of moments meting years

Like flickers on a candle
The rigors of spent grace
Soon snuffs the jingle-jangle
That time lends to its chase

...and in its place a sudden
and unexpected Thing
The blessing of love's burden
Betrays us with a sting 

...of holy, hollow hunger
Filled with the live-and-learn
Of Time’s swift-soft-swirled wonder
Weaving its no return

© Janet Martin


  1. Impressive. You're getting really good at Word Wizardry. (hurls, pearls, swirls mere moments)

  2. thank-you so very kindly, Martin!


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