Thursday, March 2, 2017

Law and Order

Some changes bring tears, others SO much laughter and snuggles and smiles.
First time mother-Emily, first time aunt-Victoria and first time Grandma-Janet are fully enjoying this cute change.

Brantley James, 8 weeks old. He loves playing pat-a-cake!

We cannot keep what time with tiptoe-feet feathers afar
Worlds slip through us then through a door always slightly ajar
Darkness softens and often we miss its farewell unfold
Where morning wakes and breaks time’s newness across ages old

I have beheld half-heavens here, but never Flawless Whole
I have beheld half-hell sorrows that love could not console
Tomorrow never tells us what it holds; even today
Is always half-veiled until its last shadows fade away

The timbrel that tap-taps the tempo to the march of Time
 Kindles within the poet that which verse preserves in rhyme
And often after laughter, labour and daylight has stilled
The poet cannot slumber until Her hunger is filled

Change changes things and things change us in ways we had not planned
Nobody can refute the law and order of time’s hand
But of life’s things that matter most; thank God, these never cease
For we are ever at the mercy of His love-joy-peace

© Janet Martin


  1. A great reflection for all of us

  2. I resonate with the line: "Change changes things and things change us in ways we had not planned." But my favorite line is: "For we are ever at the mercy of his love-joy-peace." Good words.

    1. Thank-you. Some poems 'happen' in strange ways. for this one the last two lines were written first and I used them as the foundation to build on.


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