Friday, March 3, 2017

Forgiving Feather Faux Pas

We dusted off fond garden dreams; hope’s refreshed audience
But Old Man Winter found a pillow filled with eiderdown
And fluffs our stare with feather-flurry frosting field and fence

March is a moody merchant advertising prize Maybes
We, weary of gray backdrops are an eager, easy sell
Then, while thought samples scenes of sweet, green-flowered ecstasies
White whispers wash the world where weather is a feather-well

Tomorrow March may spill a thrill of daffodilly hues
(Ah, we are always willing to forgive feather faux pas)
While nature at the mercy of whatever March may choose
Arranges, beneath feathered beds a burst of bud-applause

© Janet Martin

a few hours later...


  1. wonderful display of Word Wizardry in your first lines

  2. Still no snow in Chicago, but the lion is roaring nevertheless and flipped my garden bench. I'd rather hang on to my bonnet, however, than dip below zero!

    1. wildly windy here today as well, but no snow ...yet. hang onto hair, skirts bonnets and little ones!!


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