Monday, March 13, 2017

For the Love of a Poem

 This cupboard houses my poetry-book collection; 
each book compiled ' for the love of the poem' (and poet and reader:)
 and all of these just a drop in the ocean of heart-pieces on paper.

We hold up heart-bits like tatters of paper
Hoping that someone might find in its fling
Half-way around the world neighbor-to-neighbor-
Hugs from the kinship a poem can bring

We bleed from want and need, ink-stuttered stanzas
Who knows who, as time goes by, will be warmed
By spunk of metrical extravaganzas
Twisted to poem from heartbeats unarmed

We set aside pride and fear’s bold usurp-al
Darling, the tempo of time’s ebb and flow
Runs through us like summer-rivers, soft-purple
Stuns us with fall’s abysmal letting go

We hang up leaflets of laughter and longing
Limping through pages of crumpled disgrace
Trying to touch with the love of a poem
Just the right person in just the right place

We war with whispers of heartache and hunger
Wading through worlds still unfurled, in a pen
We, with the will of a lover, will conquer
Then, when it’s over, we will do it again

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh Janet, this poem touches my heart. "Ink-stuttered stanzas" & "we hang up leaflets of longing"-rich images.

    1. thank-you Sara! No daycare this week so I have a little 'play' time!

  2. Wonderful poem and impressive poetry collection

    1. thank-you. There are still a number of poet's collections I'm always on the lookout for! I avoid amazon unless I'm desperate because I love the thrill of the hunt!


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