Friday, March 17, 2017

Beyond The Bloom

 Life; Time's constant change of plans...

The flower of new day unfolds
From bowers high above
Its imminence of gray and gold
Soon fills time’s treasure trove

One hour adheres to the next
Its subtle sequence spans
The distance, where what one expects
Oft turns to change of plans

This pith of sand on which we stand
With each sunrise and set
Is siphoned from and to the hand
That lends life’s little ‘Let’

He mesmerizes eyes with pink
As morning, like a sea
Washes across an awesome brink
Hinged to eternity

Where we, all pioneers of time
Learn to embrace, not clutch
This moment-metered pantomime
That wizens our touch

The bloom of new day breaks dawn’s bud
Its ephemeral rose
Draws forevermore nearer, love
With every curtain-close

© Janet Martin


  1. So many wonderful lines here.

    "...where what one expects
    Oft turns to change of plans"

    "The bloom of new day...
    Draws forevermore nearer, love
    With every curtain-close" --

    just a couple of my favorites.

    1. :) thank-you. today is one of those days one could write away but duty, coupled with a change of plans hails;-)

      Thank-you again for your lovely visit.

  2. Inspiring reflection. Thank you


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