Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Where Footfalls Fade


Tread softly, dear, the by and by
You think is far from here is nigh
The little boy that runs and plays
Will soon be lost to yesterdays
The carefree girl will dance and dream
Into that world of what has been

Tread softly, dear and do not pine
For morrows waiting down the line
Where soon, too soon you’ll realize
The value of each moment-prize
And how they meld, blue-gold-gray-green
Into that world of what has been

Tread softly, love, and live full, free
In every day God grants to thee
Soft, swift the gift of it folds to
Bygones that claim their daily due
Where footfalls fade, seen to unseen
Into that world of what has been

© Janet Martin

I dare every mom out there 'who misses her terrible' to read this without shedding a tear with Marilla;)


  1. Oh, will they never cease to amaze us, these poised and coiffed suddenly-grown adults so recently half-pints who whined, "But whyyyyeeee?" When told they ought to brush a rat's nest head of hair before heading out the door? Thank you for the poignant perspectives - both yours and Marilla's!

    1. :) thank-you. Marilla touched me deeply because our 'Victoria-girl' is fifteen and the others older, and as much as i love them in their more grown-up size, a little of me will always miss their childhoods.

  2. The day of my oldest daughter's wedding was one of the saddest and happiest of my life. I couldn't separate the two feelings. I couldn't stop feeling the weight of her in my arms and the joy of giving her to a man I trusted.

    1. oh, a perfect description of that day for me too!


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